Why Small Cars are a Smart Buy

2018 Honda Fit Interior | Visalia Honda | Visalia, CA

For decades, the Honda Civic has been one of the go-to compact cars. It remains a reliable, zippy, and efficient choice for drivers. It’s just one of a few small cars available from Honda. Small cars are a great choice for a wide range of lifestyles, and here is why.

Fuel Efficient

It’s no surprise that a compact car is going to use much less gas than a big SUV or truck. If cutting back on gas is your priority, a small car is the way to go.


Generally speaking, small cars have lower starting prices than mid-size or full-size sedans. They’re great starters for new drivers or smart choices for recent graduates.

Surprisingly Spacious

You might expect passengers to be cramped and cargo room to be nonexistent, but today’s small cars are finding ways to make the most space in the interior while still maintaining a compact size. For instance, both the 2018 Honda Civic and the 2018 Honda Fit feature 60/40 split rear seats to accommodate cargo when needed.

Fun to Drive

A compact car often goes hand in hand with a peppy driving experience. Their smaller size makes then nimble performers, so you can expect an enjoyable ride. And when it’s time to park, you’ll have no trouble squeezing into a tight parking space.

To take a look at Honda’s small car offerings, come visit us at Visalia Honda and take a test drive.

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